I don’t know why people have struggles going to school. You know, going to school is fun! You learn something new each day and see your friends everyday. Nothing is much more fun than school. Maybe, you’ll have stress because of homework, research, or maybe thesis if you have a very strict and terror teacher in physics but, that’s not the reason for you not going to school. Your parents paid a very expensive tuition fee to that school, do you want your parents regret paying those? So get you’re shit done and go to school. Because your parents worked hard for you to have an exclusive school to go into. 😀

Haha. I know, this is weird but I like school a lot. I maybe not an honor or outstanding student but, I like to learn everyday even if my brain bleeding so hard because of statistics. I don’t want to be stupid forever. I’m lucky that I can go to school unlike other kids who can’t go to school because of financial problems.

My class will start in an hour. I got to go. Cheerio!


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