Promenade Night.

I got to attend my senior prom for my last year in high school. It was the best night. Many guys or let’s say friends danced me that night. During my last dance, I felt so special and magical at the same time (it’s a secret why). I will never forget that day. Our next stop will be; Graduation!!!


                      (My dress that night)


Featured Artist: Mary Pratt

featuredbannerTwo weeks ago I visited the AGNS to see the Mary Pratt exhibition that has been showing for the past few months, and I was totally blown away! It’s an interesting coincidence that I got to see her work only a few weeks after I experienced a huge exhibit of Alex Colville’s work at the AGO because she studied under Colville at Mount St. Allison University in New Brunswick where she received her Bachelor of Fine Art in 1961.

mprattMary lived and raised a family in Newfoundland, and all the while was creating the most stunning paintings of  everyday domestic life. Most of her subjects are of food, but she has also created gorgeous figurative paintings, many of which featuring the same model.

martpratt7She is an amazingly talented painter who has a very keen eye for light and shadow. Her paintings are photographic, clear, bright and sparkling. They are juicy…

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10 Ways To Jumpstart Your 2015

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With a new year comes a chance to restart.

You have the opportunity to do things that maybe you didn’t make time for last year. This could include setting new goals, meeting new people, or sharing your story. 

Revamping your page is just one simple way to kick the year off with style and better show who you are, where you’re going and who you want to be.

Here are five ways to jumpstart the new year.

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Staring at the birds


IMGP2113-Edit DENVER,Colo-August 9, 2014- A pigeon flys through the frame on a walk down Colfax Avenue. The street cuts a 26 mile path east-west through the metro area. In the 1800’s it was a prime destination for Colorado’s wealthiest inhabitants.

At a loss for words
Walking the streets all alone
Staring at the birds

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My mind is full of thoughts. Thoughts that stress me out. I hate having this feeling. I feel like I’m alone in the dark again and nobody is there to be at my side, to be a light. I hate this. It’s killing me. I don’t know what to do. I feel like shit! Ugh.