The Gothic Life and Times of Horace Walpole


Carrie Frye | Longreads | December 2014 | 16 minutes (4,064 words)

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As a child, Horace Walpole frequently heard it said of himself that surely he would die soon. Born in England in 1717, the last of his mother’s six children, he was fragile and prone to illness from birth. Two siblings before him had died in infancy, and so in the family order it went: three older children, loud, healthy and opinionated; two grave markers; and then young Horace toddling up behind—half child, half potential grave marker.

Naturally, his mother, Catherine, spoiled him. His father, Sir Robert Walpole, was the King’s prime minister. This often kept him away from home, as did a long-time mistress who acted, more than his wife did, as his hostess and companion. For her part Catherine had her own dalliances. It was that sort of marriage. The Walpoles…

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I don’t know why people have struggles going to school. You know, going to school is fun! You learn something new each day and see your friends everyday. Nothing is much more fun than school. Maybe, you’ll have stress because of homework, research, or maybe thesis if you have a very strict and terror teacher in physics but, that’s not the reason for you not going to school. Your parents paid a very expensive tuition fee to that school, do you want your parents regret paying those? So get you’re shit done and go to school. Because your parents worked hard for you to have an exclusive school to go into. 😀

Haha. I know, this is weird but I like school a lot. I maybe not an honor or outstanding student but, I like to learn everyday even if my brain bleeding so hard because of statistics. I don’t want to be stupid forever. I’m lucky that I can go to school unlike other kids who can’t go to school because of financial problems.

My class will start in an hour. I got to go. Cheerio!

Shit happens.

Do you know the shittest thing that can happen if you’re a gamer? Is that your video card freaking broken! I can’t take this. I feel like my life is doomed all of a sudden. No more ranked games. No more noobs. No more clash. No more pentakill. I may have a boyfriend but I love League of Legends more than him but now, my game left me. I’m legitimately crying right now. I AM HEART BROKEN! </3

UYC 2013

Last April 17-24, 2013 our church held a camp at Eden Nature Park, Davao. I really had fun. I got to see my old friends in Davao and we talkes about God’s word and did some activities. During the camp, I won an award as the “Best girl camper in Inline Skating and Best girl camper in Confidence course”. I hope to attend again next year. Can’t wait to see them soon. 😀

You’re always there

When I cry you help me out
When I’m happy you hear me shout
When I grin you know I’m really mad
because you are my best friend
You can tell when I’m sad

You’re there in thick and thin
You’re my best friend
You hear me out when I want to talk
You help me out when I get mad
You are the bestest friend I’ve ever had

So hear me out when I say
You’re the light in my day
You are the moon in my night
You shine very bright
You are the bestest friend I have
and I miss you

A friend

A friend is like a shade tree
Beside a summer way.
A friend is like the sunshine
That makes a perfect day.

A friend is like a flower
That’s worn close to the heart.
A friend is like a treasure
With which one will not part.